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Ancla 1

New roadmap coming soon, stay tuned

Ancla 2

ZODIAC is a multidisciplinary artistic development inspired by the Zodiacal Constellations and the universes created by contemporary avant-garde artists. It is a hybrid project that fuses art, music, creativity and technology with the blockchain ecosystem. 

Ancla 3

ZODIAC Edition One is done in collaboration with TAS Visuals aka The Adventurous Spark.
A designer from Austria, creator of fantastic artistic journeys and known for his amazing multidimensional videos.
An artist and 'portal agent' lighting up festivals around the world with map projection and live visuals.

Esoteric Festival 2019 TAS Visuals
Airbeat One Psychedelic Stage - TAS Visuals
Ozora 2019 Dome Saturday morning
TAS Visuals @ MoDem Festival 2019 Saturday Morning
Free Earth Festival 2019, Enlightenment Stage, TAS Visuals
[4k] TAS Visuals Live @ Hilltopia Festival 2020 at Hilltop Goa 🎵  Ingrained Instincts
TAS Visuals @ Music Media Dome Moscow (SETUP)
Shpongle / TAS Visuals / Skazka / Music Media Dome
Esoteric 2020 Australia 🇦🇺 (TAS Visuals)
TAS Visuals Exhibition 'La Selva' Part 1
Grandfathers Icaro Remix (feat. Maneesh de Moor) Trippy Psychedelic Visuals Mix
Hilltop Festival 2022 [2K] TAS Visuals MIX - 🎶 Ajja
The Canyon Drift - TAS Visuals feat. David Starfire
Breath of Life . TAS Visuals Exhibition Part 2 feat. Maneesh de Moor
COSMIC FLOW - Psychedelic New Year 31.12.2015
A golden morning. Modem Festival Mainstage
Ancla 4
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